Steven Brekelmans
b. 1975, Vancouver, Canada
steven.brekelmans at


2012 MFA, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
1998 Diploma in Fine Art (Intermedia), Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC

Professional Experience

2010 - 2012, Sessional and Teacher Assistant, Department of Visual Arts, University of Victoria
2005 - 2009, Projectile Publishing Society, Board of Directors; President 2006 - 2009
2000 - 2007, Western Front Society, Board of Directors; President 2003 - 2007
1996 - present, System Administrator / Co-curator,
1998 Sound designer/collaborator on experimental short film Simulacra, (with Zoran Dragelj)
1993 - 2001, member of Foer, a two-person electro-acoustic music/noise group (with Kevin Krebs)

Selected Exhibitions, Screenings, Performances & Lectures

2016 NADA Art Fair, Or Gallery, New York City, NY
2015 Or Gallery, (Vancouver, BC) Flesh & Blood (solo)
2015 CSA Space, (Vancouver, BC) Temporary Structures (Yakity Sax) (solo)
2015 NADA Art Fair, Or Gallery, Miami, FL
2013 The Museum of Longing and Failure, (Leipzig, Germany) September 2013 (group)
2013 Unit/Pitt, (Vancouver, BC) I.O.U. (Sincerely, K. Midas) (group)
2012 Studio, (London, ON), Work from the Collection of... (group)
2012 The University of Victoria, (Victoria, BC), Made For These Times (solo)
2011 The Michael Audain Gallery, (Victoria, BC), There Must Be Another Way To Make A Living (solo)
2011 Or Gallery Berlin (Berlin, DE), Science Fiction 15 (group)
2011 Soi Fischer Projects at Butcher Gallery (Toronto, ON), AT THE LONG TABLE (group)
2011 Deluge Gallery (Victoria, BC) Surface To Air (group)
2011 Upstairs Gallery (Victoria, BC), I Hope You Will Come And See My Show (solo)
2010 The Michael Audain Gallery, (Victoria, BC), Snapshot (group)
2008 Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Vancouver, BC), The Subject of Education (group)
2008 Western Front (Vancouver, BC), Kits for an Encounter (group)
2007 Western Bridge (Seattle, WA), Kit Bashing (group)
2006 Bodgers' and Kludgers' Co-operative Art Parlour (Vancouver, BC), Kit Bashing (solo)
2006 The Tank (New York, NY), New York Experimental, screening of Simulacra
2005 Dam, Stühltrager (Brooklyn, NY), Shoot, screening of Simulacra
2002 Eugene Choo (Vancouver, BC), Lo-Fly (solo)
2001 Blinding Light!! Cinema (Vancouver, BC), Foer performance, part of MULTIPLEX GRAND VERSION 8.0
2000 Starfish Room (Vancouver, BC), Foer performance, collaboration with Jonathan Middleton
2000 Western Front (Vancouver, BC), Sound Separation (group)*
1999 Artspeak Gallery (Vancouver, BC), Foer performance at Trajectory Magazine event
1999 Western Front (Vancouver, BC), Foer performance with Please Pay Here Collective
1998 Moon Base Gallery (Vancouver, BC), Zap! (group)
1998 Sugar Refinery (Vancouver, BC), Foer performance (November)
1998 Sugar Refinery (Vancouver, BC), Foer performance (March)
1997 Shamrock Laundromat (Vancouver, BC), Foer performance at Sit and Spin performance art event
1995 Flat Gallery (Vancouver, BC), Space Art (group)*

(* denotes catalogue)

Selected Artist Talks

2011 University of Victoria (Victoria, BC), Artist Talk, Making A Living...
2011 University of Victoria (Victoria, BC), Guest lecture, On Making
2009 Harlow Campus England (Harlow, UK), Memorial University, Guest lecture, Kit Bashing

Published Artist Projects

2015 If I wanted to sit on the sand I wouldn't have brought this log, collaboration with Fiona Curtis, published by Or Gallery
2011 Words to Live By (A-Z), (Vancouver: FSI Books)
2007 (BOOING), collaboration with Fiona Curtis (self-published)
2007 Helvetica Neue R, Constructs Volume 9, #2, collaboration with Derek Barnett, (Yale University School of Architecture)
2006 The smallest things found in nature (life-size), collaboration with Fiona Curtis (self-published)
2005 Golden Doodles, collaboration with Fiona Curtis (self-published)
2004 Coat Hanger, Cahier D'Activité Magazine #3, p.21 (Vancouver: Eugene Choo)
2003 How to Draw Animals, collaboration with Fiona Curtis (self-published)
2003 The Portable Stool, Cahier D'Activité Magazine #2, p.22 (Vancouver: Eugene Choo)
2003 How to Build a Door-stop, Cahier D'Activité Magazine #1, p.24 (Vancouver: Eugene Choo)
1999 Images from the Home Front, project for
1998 Images from the Front Line, project for


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Kit-bashing hobbyists turn walls into hothouses, tin cans into sound forests, review by Regina Hackett, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 8, 2007
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